Thursday, May 24, 2012

We often forward jokes. Please forward this message too.
For anything to happen, we need to do something.
So start right now!

We have six seasons in India. Summer is one of them.
It is maddeningly hot. At such times, we like to stay under a fan or enjoy the comforts of an air-conditioner. We stop almost all our work. We can only think of having a cup of cool water.

However, have we ever given a thought about the birds? They don't have fans, or air-conditioners or cool waters. They can't even complain. Every summer, many birds die of hunger and thirst.

Each one of us can dramatically change this sad situation by a simple act of kindness. Please place a bowl of water in your garden, terraces, balconies, or any other suitable place. Let them drink, bathe and frolic in their own little ponds.

I am not asking you to spend a fortune on creating a swimming pool; all I am asking is a bowl of water, 
water that can save a precious life.

Be good to others. God will be good to you.

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